Speaker Profile

I've been speaking and facilitating internationally for more than a decade.

Here is everything I think would be helpful for you when considering me as a speaker or facilitator for your next conference, corporate shindig, panel, team off-site or whatever other awesome thing you are currently planning!

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Speaking Style

Informal, Engaging, Anecdotal, Humorous, and Candid

My talks are easy to follow

I love keeping it real. Whether I'm dropping an occasional profanity or using informal language, I believe in speaking your language.

My goal?
Make complex topics accessible and easy to grasp.

My talks are engaging

My talks are never a monologue. I'm constantly inviting participation with questions, challenges, and prompts. Expect to be a part of the conversation!

My talks are relatable

I bring my journey into the mix from past mistakes and successes. I want to share teachable moments and the lessons we can learn along the way.

My talks are funny

While I delve into serious topics, I never miss a chance to infuse humour. Expect a good laugh, from playful jabs to self-deprecating memes.

My talks are personal

Whether it's discussing imposter syndrome, navigating perfectionism, or sharing raw emotions, I'm all about authenticity. It's about building a genuine connection and a space of trust.

Workshops, Talks and Mentoring

During my career I have had the opportunity to talk and facilitate workshops at companies and conferences around the world.

Would you like to book me for a workshop or talk?

— email me at design@ade-lee.com.

Panel Host:  AI For All: Ensuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Tech Circus | Oct 23

Talk: Embrace Your Creative Badassery: Defeating Doubts and Fuelling Fun in Design

Design Matters | Sept 23

Talk: Embrace Your Creative Badassery: Defeating Doubts and Fuelling Fun in Design

Talent Matters | Sept 23

Panel: #DesignForTomorrow
– The Future with AI

RANDSTAD UX Network & Community | Sept 23

Workshop: Unleash Your Creativity: Boosting Your Creative Confidence

Thinking Digital Conference | July 23

Workshop: Collaborative Creativity: Harnessing Your Creativity as a Team Player using Make it Pop

Dibi Conference | May 23

Mentoring: Live Brief with the Northumbria University MA Communication Students

Northumbria University | Feb – April 23

Workshop: Fostering Creativity Using Design Thinking and make it pop

Onyx Health | 21

Talk: UX, UR and everything in-between

Built IT Right Conference | 20

Panel: The Importance of Design Education

Cloudflare TV | 20

Workshop: Design Thinking and Creative Confidence 101

Generator UX Day | Nov 19

Workshop: Design Thinking and Creative Confidence 101

TedXNewcastle | 19

Talk: Building Your Creative Confidence

UX In The City | Mar 19

Talk: Building Your Creative Confidence with make it pop

Founders Friday | Mar 19

Workshop: Design Thinking for Marketers

Digital Union Marketing Day | Mar 19

Workshop: Play Your Way to Creativity and Innovation

Thinking Digital Conference | Mar 19

Workshop: Building Creative Confidence using make it pop

University of Sunderland | Mar 19

Talk: How to Keep Creativity Fun ↗

Sunderland Digital | Sept 18

Talk: Building Your Creative Confidence

University of Sunderland | Apr 18

Talk: Developing Empathy Through Play

Dibi Conference | Nov 17

Talk: An Introduction To Modern Email Best Practices

Frontend NE | Jun 17

Talk Topics

Here are some of the topics I often cover at conferences, workshops and events. If something here doesn't resonate with what you're after, let's connect and create something special!

My talks are never a monologue.

These topics can be adapted to seamlessly fit into the themes of your conference, audience and vibe!

  • Designing in the Age of AI:
    Impacts and Opportunities
  • Designing Ethically:
    Inclusion in the AI Era
  • Unleashing Your Creative Confidence:
    A Deep Dive
  • Cultivating Creativity:
    Building Teams that Thrive
  • Business-Centric Design:
    Elevate Your Creative Practice
  • Pathways to Creative Innovation:
    Strategies and Insights
  • Design Thinking:
    Unpacking the Process for Maximum Impact
  • Being a Design Disruptor:
    Shaping Tomorrow's Trends
  • Amplifying UX/UI:
    Strategies to Maximise Impact
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:
    Real Stories, Real Strategies
  • Staying Ahead:
    Strategies to Prevent Innovation Lag
  • Beyond Hard Skills:
    Collaborating Effectively with Soft Skills Mastery
  • Igniting the Flame:
    Reigniting Creative Innovation
  • Navigating the evolving digital design landscape
  • Bridging the gap:
    Integrating data-driven insights with intuitive design
  • Building empathy:
    User-centric design in an AI-driven world
  • Design resilience:
    Adapting to rapid technological shifts
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