Nigerian boy, born in Japan, raised in London, living in Newcastle Upon Tyne!

I currently head up design at SoPost. I strongly believe in using data to drive design decision-making and manage cross-functional teams, helping them grow through mentoring and (S.M.A.R.T.) goal setting.

I also LOOOOVE facilitating fun, informative workshops and really enjoy working with people to create awesome stuff.

I'm really good at

Championing design

Organised and hosted monthly design-show-n-tell sessions, weekly design logs, company-wide updates and accessible training sessions to promote design better.

Community building

Promoted design knowledge-sharing via design book clubs, rapid ideation sessions, hackathons and creative challenges.

Promoting collaboration

Created design department processes that focus on better business alignment through collaboration, research and frequent communication.

As well as…


Selected to speak at conferences, podcasts, and meetups such as DesignMatters, DIBI,  Litmus Live, UXintheCity, Cloudflare TV, and UXCircus.


Led 50+ workshops to bolster creative confidence and design thinking within teams and businesses.


I've volunteered as a mentor via Designed.org and ADPList for six years. I enjoy helping designers level up in their roles, pivot in careers, or review and better align their design principles.